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Things you need to do now…

We need access as an admin user of your website, if you have a wordpress website use the details below. If not just add us as an admin user and send us the login details. NOTE: With some websites we may need additional access details depending on the CMS system you are or are not using.

1. WordPress website: (admin access)

seo servicesusername: support-(your brand name)


We also need access to the following accounts (if you already have them setup)…

2. Google My Business: (add us as manager)


Instructional video:

3. Facebook Page: (add us with admin access)


name: Darren Wagstaff

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4. Google Analytics: (add us as manager)


online reputation managementInstructional video:

5. Google Search Console: (add us as manager)


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6. Youtube channel (add us as manager)


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7. Pinterest (if you have an account please send us login details)

8. Free website analysis by Skyrocket Your SearchSEO Booster App: If you have signed up for an Authority or Dominator package… can confirm that you have access to at least 3 android phones to add the app to. Just email

We can then send you download details to install our SEO Booster App onto each phone and onto one computer (windows or pc). Each phone needs to be connected to the internet, local wifi connection works fine even without SIM cards. To activate each app we will send you a 5 digit project code specific to your campaign.

There may be other setup processes needed, but the above are the first steps. If you do not have any of the above accounts let us know and we can set them up and optimise them for your business for you.

If you have any questions simply get in touch.

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